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12 Questions

To Differentiate Your Sale & Position Financing

Ask these 12 Questions to Differentiate Your Sale and Position Financing

When sales reps ask the question, “How do you plan to pay for this?” or “Do you want to lease or pay cash?” the typical answer from their customers is “cash.” Most technology buyers are not educated on other avenues of acquiring new technology, or don’t understand the underlying benefits leasing can provide to their business. While cash and bank lines are options, they can negatively impact a customer’s bottom line. Leasing may have less of an impact on a customer’s cash flow and doesn’t require precious working capital.

By asking the following impactful, needs-based questions you will differentiate yourself, eliminate competitors and put yourself in a position to sell more long-term contracts.

1. What are your top three strategic initiatives? Why?

2. What are your growth expectations over the next three to five years?

3. How do you generate revenue?

4. Who else is involved in the decision? What is your timeline?

5. Give me two examples of how technology helped maximize your profits.

6. Give me two examples of how technology has cost you money.

7. How important is cash or working capital to your business? Why?

8. How has technology affected your organization in the past three years?

9. How will this new technology impact your business today?

10. How would your company be impacted if your system were down for a day? What would it cost you?

11. Is a factor in your decision the impact to your bottom line? If yes, why?

12. What are your greatest concerns for making this decision?

Download the Questions

Want a pdf version of this? Download the questions and get a bonus question to help you position financing in your discovery.