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Benefits of Financing For Your Sales Representatives

Financing isn't just good for your customers; your sales team wins too!

Offering a Monthly Payment for Office Technology Can Help Your Team Sell!

Your Customer Wins & Your Team Wins, Here's How...

If you're scaling your office equipment business, you're adding new sales reps and possibly adding new products and services. Do your sales reps clearly understand how beneficial offering a monthly payment to your customers can be for them, in addition to your customer and you? 

Download the flyer for a more thorough list of benefits, including:

  • Larger Ticket Sales (and margins too) - experience shows that monthly payments rather than large cash outlays lead to larger overall sale for your reps at higher gross margins
  • Acquire the Equipment Now - their customer is less likely to delay the sale until the cash becomes available to them if they can make use of the lease option
  • Easier Upgrade Opportunity - leasing makes monthly payments the norm (and customers can win by gaining access to the latest technology on a more regular refresh rate)
  • Many more!



Download the Free Flyer