GreatAmerica ConnectBooster Integration


ConnectBooster and GreatAmerica Financial Services have partnered together to transfer data from GreatAmerica’s platform directly to your accounting software with ConnectBooster as the conduit.

Use this integration even if you aren't a current ConnectBooster customer!

Integration Features:

  • Individual break-down of remittance payments
  • Easily transfer remittance payments to existing QuickBooks invoices
  • Create invoice templates to automatically generate invoices in QuickBooks and match payments each month
  • Hands-off, full automation with ConnectWise & GA integration

Standard ConnectBooster Features:  

  • Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Accept ACH (Electronic Check) Payments
  • Securely Store Customer Payment Data Offsite
  • Payment Reconciliation to the Accounting Software
  • Customizable/Branded Portal (logos/colors & ad-cards)
  • Automated New Invoice Notifications
  • Automated Invoice Past Due/Collection Notifications
  • Automated Account Summary Notifications
  • Email History Tracking
  • Automatic and on-demand integration sync capabilities

Standard ConnectBooster Benefits:

  • Simplify the PCI Compliance process
  • Save 2-4 Hours A Week On Redundant Accounting Tasks
  • Lower Accounts Receivables By 30 Days
  • Increase Billing Transparency With Customers
  • Accept Payments with less PCI Compliance Responsibility


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