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Webinar Recording: Lead Gen For Executives

Tactics to Fill Your As-A-Service Sales Pipeline


Watch the Webinar

Watch the Recording on Lead Generation for Executives

This presentation will help you do the following:

  • Create a marketing SWOT analysis and build smarter goals
  • Reverse engineer your sales funnel to identify how many leads you need
  • Narrow your target market down not only by region, but by industry, revenue and number of employees
  • Determine what an effective marketing campaign looks like


Sales Simplicity Seminar

After watching the recording, you'll be ready to generate leads, but will your sales team be able to close the deal? If not, you may want to send them to the Sales Simplicity Seminar, a 2-day sales training that teaches managed services businesses how to sell an As-A-Service model through proven methods.

There are sessions in June and August. Register before May 11 for a $100 discount per registrant.

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Watch the Webinar