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As cloud continues to grow and IoT gains traction, businesses need more IT support, not less. Customers also expect their IT “to just work” with the support of a simple and complete MSP offering. In this two part series, Service Leadership CEO, Paul Dippell will join GreatAmerica to discuss what makes a next gen MSP and how they are packaging security, HaaS and hybrid cloud as critical pieces of their “complete and simple” offering. We give you an inside look at how next gen MSPs are meeting the customers’ expectations of completeness and simplicity as well as the four critical steps MSPs should be taking today to drive their profitability at the same time.

The Next Gen MSP, Part 1:

What and Why

In Part 1 of this series, Service Leadership and GreatAmerica dove into what leading MSPs are doing today to fold in the next generation elements of security, HaaS and hybrid cloud as part of their offerings. Watch the recording for this actionable and compelling workshop on what next gen MSPs are doing today to drive profitability and meet tomorrow’s customer expectations of simplicity and completeness.

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Designed for MSPs

The Next Gen MSP, Part 2:

In Part 2 of this series, we look at the four critical steps taken by leading MSPs, to evolve their offerings and meet customer expectations. Paul Dippell of Service Leadership, Inc., and Lee Rozeboom of GreatAmerica Financial Services, will show how the best-in-class “pitch-and-present”, do on-boarding, and deliver QBRs, all enabled by high-performance HaaS.

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Service Leadership is dedicated to providing total profit solutions for IT Solution Providers, directly and through industry consultants and global IT vendors. The company publishes the leading vendor-neutral, Solution Provider financial and operational benchmark: the Service Leadership Index®. This includes private diagnostic benchmarks for individual Solution Providers and their designated business coaches and consultants. The company offers advanced peer groups for Solution Providers of all sizes and business models, and individual management consulting engagements for Solution Providers from US$15mm to US$3bb in size worldwide. In addition, Service Leadership provides global IT vendors with intelligent partner enablement assets, partner ROI models, management consulting and advanced peer groups, as well as executive and industry best practices education and speaking. Please visit for more information.

Paul Dippell
CEO of Service Leadership

Lee Rozeboom
Vice President of Strategic Relationships

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