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Refresh Technology Success Story

See How Two Resellers Created a Win for their Customers

A Look at the Full Picture

The Challenges

Telecom sales professionals are frequently looking for ways to generate new revenue from existing customers. At the same time, their customers want to balance having the latest technology and software with their budgets. In this example, we review IT buyers from three different industries (education, distribution, and a township).


The Solutions

Unified Technologies and Firstline Voice and Data separately worked with customers they wanted to update and generate a new revenue stream from with the help of GreatAmerica. In a win-win scenario, they were able to upgrade existing hardware and software plus added a multi-year agreement of Mitel Software Assurance.


The Results

  • Reseller Win:
    Often, customers will add new hardware or software with a new agreement. This locks in a new revenue stream and a long-term agreement for the re-seller. In some instances, customers may be considering going hosted and this is an alternative option.

  • Customer Win:
    • Updated technology keeps customers current (a smart cyber security move & happier employees)
    • A consistent budget (sometimes payments even go down)*

*This one example may differ from actual payment outcomes.

“GreatAmerica impacts our refreshes because years ago we launched a program that we labeled managed services. It was just a creative way that GreatAmerica could package our customers’ equipment, support, and the service we provide and then we will sell that with a 36-month agreement and then we refresh that with a customer. It gives us time to go back in and discover new needs.”

Cecy Haney, Owner/VP of Sales Unified Technologies

Tailor a Solution for Your Customers

GreatAmerica helps you grow your company with a dependable technology refresh schedule that allows your customers to budget for technology equipment financing. It's a win-win for you and your customers.

Let's Dig into the Details

Success Story 1 Education 030623

Success Story 2 Transport 030623

Success Story 3 City 030623


See How You Can Refresh Your Customers


About Unified Technologies

Unified Technologies was established in 2009 and is an employee-owned company working with businesses in Kentucky and across the country. The Unified team is committed to delivering the smartest business solutions at the highest level of service and support. They are known for providing custom-designed solutions, from voice solutions to hardware installation and ongoing support to help their customers create a safer and smarter workplace.

About Firstline Voice and Data Networks

Established in 1987, Firstline is based in Bellevue, WA and provides voice and IT services for small -to-large enterprises in the Norwest as well as across the U.S. and world. They are focused on a personalized solution and exception service for their customers to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and improve your operations.