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Windows 7 End Of Life Flyer

Customize this flyer to share with your customers

Arm yourself and your customers

The Windows 7 has the largest install base in the world, making it the perfect opportunity to start talking to transfer your clients to a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model so that they never have to worry about outdated equipment and software again.

To help you start that conversation, we've created a flyer that contains all the essential Windows 7 End of Life information. Customize it with your own logo, contact information, and however else you want. Then, distribute the PDF as you see fit: upload it to your website, send it in emails, or print and hand them out.

Need to know more? Here's how one high-growth MSP is using Windows 7 end of life to guarantee customer refreshes and upgrades.

Windows 7 EOL Cover Page


Download the Customizable Flyer