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Are Your Customers Ready for the Windows Server 12 End of Life?

Business systems running on the Microsoft Windows Server 12 Operating System will no longer be supported after October 10, 2023. Here's what that means for you.

What You Need to Know About Windows Server 12 End Of Life

After October 10, 2023, Microsoft will stop sending security updates. Business still running Windows Server 12 after that date will expose themselves, and others, to significant risk. Using an unsupported version of any software can lead to security vulnerabilities, reputational damage, and compliance risks.  Additionally, Microsoft will cease all technical support for Windows Server 12. Internal or outsourced IT teams may be able to address issues that arise, however, unsupported operating systems will grow more problematic as time goes on which is inefficient and costly. 

Cyber criminals are just as aware (if not more) of Windows Server 12 end of life and see an opportunity to attack businesses that are unprepared.   

Learn more by reading this blog from Microsoft which outlines in detail the implications of Windows Server 12 end of life. 

How to Support Your Customers

Solution Providers have an opportunity to help their customers keep their businesses operating smoothly and securely by educating them on:

  • What is at stake if not upgrading
  • The benefits of new servers
  • How they can acquire all the technology they need via a manageable monthly payment.

What Options Do Your Customers Have for Acquiring New Technology?

If your customer is still operating on Windows '12 Servers, they

The Marketing Toolbox: Windows Server 12 Upgrade Edition

If you have customers still running on Windows Server 12, you have an opportunity to offer them a solution that's going to bring security and efficiency to their soon to be unsupported technology infrastructure. However, starting the conversation is often the hardest part. That's why we've compiled this essential toolbox! Think of it as your marketing starter-pack to make it simple to educate, market, and convince your customers to upgrade. 

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Innovative solution providers and their sales teams continuously learn, train and improve. Overcome objections, understand the benefits and make marketing and selling cutting-edge technology on a monthly payment easier. We've crafted this sales resource with your team of technology selling experts in mind.

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Windows Server 2012 End of Life FAQs

What is the minimum amount for new transactions?

What term length should I offer?

What does the process of doing a deal look like?

Can labor be included in the financed amount?

Can I add on other equipment and solutions to the agreement?

How should I position an upgrade to a customer?

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